Dec 22 / Big Brown

In the Basement

This week we have a special collaborative episode of BB&B within the secret, porn-filled realm of Papa’s Basement. We discuss some hard-hitting topics including Cosby and the Black Community, farting while in a realtionship and Internet Porn. Hope you guys enjoy this edition of In Big Brown and Burnsie’s Basement.

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Dec 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 117

Another BB&B Episode??

Episode 117 starts off with a recap of BB&B’s Thanksgiving Holiday plans and whether or not they self-mutilated themselves to deal with the events.  Big Brown’s extended family converged into Gahlot Manor, while Bunks and his family  traveled to the Southern Oasis known as Fort Deposit, Alabama.  Red Wing is a no-show once again as there was word he was attacked by a gaggle of Peacocks after drunkenly mistaken one of them for a horny minx.  Of course the fellas discussed Bill Cosby and the plethora of women coming forward accusing him of drugging and raping them.  We’re not sure why but 99% of the accusers are white….Why do you hate white women so much Mr. Cosby?   We will be hosting a Holiday Party with listeners and the other shows on the Chupacabra Radio Network so keep your eyes and ears to the grindstone for that announcement.

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Nov 20 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 116


Big Brown returns to the US from his Victor Ward-like excursion and enlightens Bunks with his worldly stories. Chronic, small showers and voyeurism are just a few of the highlights of his trip. Meanwhile back in the States, Bunkie has been sitting around watching WNBA Games and hanging out with Obe and Fat Matt. Hot topics discussed this episode include Kim K naked again, Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders leaked nudies, women’s MMA, and the Cleveland Browns in first place while the Redskins are struggling. Finally after a couple segments of hijinks things turn serious with the return of the Life Sherpas as these wise men debate aging and death.

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Oct 10 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 115


Since nobody reads these posts anyhow, it really doesn’t matter what gets written nor what the title of the episode is.  Just listen to the podcast and spread the word…..WE BEG YOU!  The fellas start off by sampling some Coldcock Whiskey and the episode gets a little crazy after that. #BunkyPunted

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Sep 8 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 114

“To Peak or Not to Peak THAT is the Question”

BB&B are knocking out episodes more often than Ray … er … nevermind.  I was going to say more often than Ray Charles knocked UP women…check yo’ facts.  In probably what will go down in interwebs history as most hours spent online by teenagers and adults alike, BB&B discuss the morality of THE FAPPENING.  Even before touching on this historic event, the two compare what they did over Labor Day weekend and boy it couldn’t have been any further apart on the fun spectrum.  Finally, the duo is still gearing up for RedWings Survival weekend…that is if he doesn’t die before that from being overworked.

Thanks to you all for sticking with us over the past few years and we’ll keep on Rock N’ Rollin’ as long as you’re around.



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Sep 1 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 113

“On a Scale of Zero To…….”

Ladies and Gents, we’ve all been there.  We’ve all dated someone that was just slightly off their rocker or even a certifiable sociopath but we stuck around longer then we should have. Luckily for you, RedWing is here to make sure this doesn’t happen to you ever again.  When RedWing’s not hunting bear or eating beans, he’s diving into some heavy arithmetic and data analysis to bring you (or regurgitate to you) a scientific method to determine what type of person you should be dating and then marrying.  This graph is meant for a vidcast but what the hell … it’s not like anyone will be listening to this or even try to figure out what these idiots are talking about.  In case you do read this, and subsequently listen, you’ll be glad to hear that BB is still stalking the tranny at ThaiTanic in the Heights….. Also be sure to check out the other podcasts on The Chupacabra Radio Network …. ENJOY!

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Aug 22 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 112


It sure feels good in the ear buds to hear the voices of these idiots once again.  Grab yourself a beverage, sit in your favorite chair and strap yourself in because this episode sure is an adventure in every sense of the word.  Burnsie hits up a club with his wife and pops bottles, Big Brown does whatever it is Big Brown does, while RedWing teaches the fellas how to survive in the wilderness.  The gauntlet has been laid down and a challenge accepted by RedWing to pull a Bear Grylls in the Shenandoah with minimal supplies.  Cannot wait to hear the outcome of this!



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Aug 4 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 111

“BB&B and….BEANS”

Believe it or not Episodes have been released two weeks in a row and these guys aren’t slowing down. There’s one thing that can be attributed to their new found rejuvenation for putting out episodes … drum roll … BEANS.  Beans, as we’ve been told, keep all your stuff moving and RedWing enlightens BB&B on just how magical beans truly are and how eating them WILL make your wildest dreams come true.

BB&B recap their NYC Trip, discuss some sports and bring back the fan favorite Life Sherpas Segment to answer the world’s most difficult questions.




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Jul 25 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 110

“Like A Minx”

In Lebron-like fashion the fellas make their long awaited return to the interwebs to bring hope to people around the globe.  Joined in studio by the ever mysterious RedWing, these dumpers tackle some socially sensitive topics such as dropping “N Bombs”, the Washington Redskins name and logo and of course the heavily debated question of which celebrity should come out with the next sex tape.  The listeners will get a real treat as RedWing finally breaks his silence and steps to the mic to reveal some past sexual encounter with a real minx…IT’S GOOD TO BE BACK HOME

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Apr 16 / Big Brown

BB&B Episode 109

“Grumpy Old Men”

WOW!! Believe it or not BB&B are back yet again but this time they traveled into the future and are 65 year old curmudgeons.  If this is what marriage, babies and puppies do to men, all you single fellas heed notice and run the other direction.

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